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PM markets: Wheat ends poor week on firm note, But not sugar
Wheat futures manage a strong session, if only thanks to profit-taking on short positions. But investors appear in no hurry to close shorts on sugar
EU wheat output to fall, despite bumper French harvest
A rise in French wheat output to one of the best ever will not save the EU harvest from decline, says Coceral. Corn and rapeseed output will fall too
IGC upbeat on US soy sowings, despite falling premium to corn
The International Grains Council issues an above-consensus forecast for US soybean plantings, but notes a reduced soy:corn price ratio
Legumex flags good Canada spring sowings prospects
The crop processor foresees a "decent planting season" in Canada, thanks to benign conditions, and a rise in north west US canola sowings
Durum output to rebound - but stocks will stay thin
The International Grains Council, in its first estimate for the world durum harvest in 2015-16, forecasts an 11% rise
ICL buys Allana Potash, in quest to expand abroad
The Israeli potash group seals an agreed bid for Allana, which has a site in Ethiopia - and had announced talks with fertilizer giant Yara
UK wheat data underline 'need' for pick-up in exports
The UK must export some 500,000 tonnes of wheat a month to avoid a build-up in stocks, with price implications, HGCA data suggest
FirstFarms sees milk price staying low for 2015
Farm operator FirstFarms forecasts a sharp retreat in profits this year, in part down to an expectation of lower milk prices
Louis Dreyfus working on fresh strategy, as profits stabilise
The commodities giant, unveiling a small rebound in earnings, says it is "building a renewed strategy, launching into the next 10 years"
World corn harvest to drop 'sharply' in 2015-16
The IGC, in its first corn estimates for next season, sees falling output, and stocks. But global grain inventories will remain "comfortable"
Indonesian palm oil stocks set for record highs
Indonesia's palm output will keep rising in 2015-16. But consumption growth will not keep pace, US officials say, casting doubt on a biodiesel drive
Low prices to drive UK potato sowings to all-time low
Produce Investments, owner of potato packer Greenvale, sees a drop in sowings, in the face of what one broker terms a "perfect storm"
Farmland Partners unveils $80m US land purchase
Shares in the land investor hit a seven-month high after it takes its portfolio to nearly 68,000 acres, and heralds a raised dividend
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