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Weather hopes send grain prices tumbling. Softs fare better
Corn and wheat prices drop, as the US weather outlook turns even more benign. Softs do better at exploiting the tailwind of a weaker dollar
US soft red wheat on track - but weather woes test white wheat
The soft red winter wheat crop is on track for "average" yields - but there are threats to the "important export crop" of soft white wheat
Lower coffee prices spur Starbucks buying spree
Starbucks reveals it has bought forward far more coffee than it had a year ago, although benefits might "not be as high as you might calculate"
Cocoa futures jump despite sharp drop in Asia's grind
Cocoa futures close sharply higher, even though data show Asia's processing volumes dropping even faster than those in Europe and North America
Indonesia palm export levy 'may yet be reduced'
Richard Robinow, chairman of REA Holdings, tells flags industry lobbying over the levy - although the tax could bring a big positive
Orchard land bucks US farm price slowdown
Returns from farmland make their worst start to a year since 2010. But investments in the likes of vineyards and nut groves bucks the trend
Currency hit, China caution take shine from Yara results
The strong dollar proves a two-edged sword for Yara, which also highlights the dent to urea prices from booming Chinese exports
SQM shares soar, as controversial chairman steps aside
Julio Ponce fails to stand for re-election as SQM chairman, and PotashCorp proposes heavyweight accounting and governance candidates for the board
Consensus grows over prospects for late-2015 dairy rally
Australia & New Zealand Bank is the latest to see a rise in milk prices coming soon... but not yet
Canada farmers to lift wheat area, but spurn canola
Official data show farmers exploiting "favourable" conditions to lift wheat area more than forecast. But canola area is to show an unexpected drop
IGC lifts hopes for world grains harvest in 2015-16
The group hikes its forecast for corn output, more than offsetting a wheat crop downgrade. Still, demand expectations are higher too
ANZ downbeat on cotton price - cautious on wheat too
The bank espouses a "tactically short position" in cotton futures, forecasting a waning in hedge fund interest, and is modestly bearish on wheat
Commerz backs ideas of wheat price gains ahead
The bank echoes rival Rabobank in foreseeing some scope for higher wheat prices. But it is more neutral on prospects for corn and soybean futures
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