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Hedge funds cut bullish ag bets, as 'Trumpflation trade' reverses
Hedge funds cut their net long in ags to the lowest in nearly a year.But heavy selling in grains could make for big price swings later this week
China's turn to HFCS exports 'could by start of something big'
... says leading analyst Robin Shaw, flagging the potential for the spread of HFCS through Asia - an "anti-bullish" prospect for sugar prices
Brazilian protein shares rally after China import ban lifted
A swift resolution to bans on Brazilian meat in the wake of the "weak flesh" scandal supports equity in the session
Cal-Maine still suffering effects of previous bird flu outbreak
Egg production in the US has recovered, but not demand, even as new cases of bird flu are reported
Nigerian palm oil prices soar, as importers struggle to source currency
A shortage of foreign currency is holding back palm oil imports, delivering a bounty for local producer
Margin prospects 'better for beef packers than pork processors'
So says MetLife, flagging a boost to hog price prospects from growth in pork plant capacity. Still, it is beef packers which started 2017 weakly
Australian wool prices break new 29-year highs
Brisk Chinese demand, particularly for high-grade supplies, is helping wool prices boom, Rabobank says
Downturn in European ag machinery market 'to end this year'
Sales of agricultural equipment could actually grow in 2017, as demand in Eastern Europe booms, industry group Cema says
Cocoa better bet than coffee, sugar, says Commerzbank
The bank says the cocoa price recovery has further to go yet. But it is more cautious on coffee, and slashes its sugar price forecasts
Coceral lifts bar on EU wheat prospects, citing high hopes for France
The industry group top forecasts for the EU soft wheat harvest this year. But it is more cautious on barley, rapeseed production prospects
OCP says phosphate markets have bottomed
Prices are picking up thanks to rising demand, and easing world production, the Moroccan phosphate giant says
Brazil meat groups' shares stabilise, amid hopes of scandal blowing over
The aftermath of a food safety furore has been "chaotic" for Brazil. But many commentators believe the fallout will prove short-lived
Trump's trade shake-ups 'may negatively impact' US agri groups
Ag lending giant MetLife flags the threat to US agribusiness groups from potential trade hiccups. Still, there is some cause for optimism too
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