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Dairy prices to recover in 2015 - but not until second half
Rabobank cuts hopes for dairy prices in the first half of next year, citing resilient output and soft demand. But better times for sellers lie ahead
Potash output hopes send Uralkali shares soaring
Shares in the world's biggest potash group enjoy their best session in five years - despite an admission that a mine accident might cost $1bn
AM markets: grains drop, as profit-taking on wheat sets in
Grain futures head for a soft close to the week, as investors take some of their profit on wheat. But will short-selling supercharge the decline?
Rally in wheat futures past its best, says ANZ
Restricted Russian wheat exports may justify wheat futures trading at $6.50 a bushel, but $7 requires extra fuel, ANZ says - as the rally indeed slo
US ups grain price hopes - but not cotton, soy
US officials raise forecasts for corn and wheat prices for 2015-16, citing lower harvest ideas. But they downgrade the outlook for cotton, soy prices
Sugar woes mean more Brazil cane mill closures
Sugar merchant Czarnikow and industry group Unica highlight financial hardship in Brazil's sugar sector, despite differing outlooks for 2015 cane
Thriving poultry group makes stand against hubris
Sanderson Farms underlines the vulnerability of the US poultry sector to boom and bust cycles, even as it unveils record quarterly profits
Strat Grains trims hopes for EU's 2015 wheat crop
The influential analysis group nudges lower its estimate for the world's biggest wheat harvest. Even so, it would be a strong result
World Bank cash erodes Dreyfus stake in Biosev
A World Bank fund invests $47m in the cane giant, returning it to compliance with stockmarket rules, if giving only a small boost to its balance shee
Russia worries keep heat in wheat price rally
Wheat futures extend this week's gains to 6% in Chicago, as fears over Russian exports remind traders of the time when "people lost millions"
Upbeat Brazil coffee estimate sends prices lower
The world's biggest coffee harvest will rise by 2.5m bags next year, Volcafe says, in one of the most upbeat - and best-researched - forecasts yet
Deutsche upbeat on grains - but not on livestock
Deutsche Bank terms grains one of the best bets in commodities. But it offers little solace to investors hurt by tumbling livestock futures
Answer found to age-old question: 'Which comes first, chicken or egg?'
In pricing terms, a clear winner has emerged in the US - which is seeing "huge" broiler birds, while high breakages stem egg supplies
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