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PM markets: funds pile out of soybean longs, wheat shorts
Soybean futures slump below $10 a bushel, but wheat rallies on ever-worsening European wheat outlook
Chinese demand could signal green shoots for dairy prices
...but significant price recovery is unlikely this year, as heavy skimmed milk powder stocks continue to cap price rallies, US officials warn
Brexit threat to ag prices not over yet
A leading US rural economist signals longer-term pressure on - dollar-denominated - ag commodity prices from the UK's exit from the EU
Syngenta shares rise, on ChemChina-takeover optimism
The Swiss pesticide giant expects its sale to ChemChina to be complete by the end of the year, helping markets shrug off some weak results
Ideas wane on Argentine wheat revival - but corn hopes grow
Argentine wheat sowings forecasts get a double downgrade, even as corn area ideas grow. On soybeans, seed quality problems emerge
Starbucks slows pace of coffee buying, even as prices rise
The coffee giant, unveiling results which fall short on some metrics, reveals it has slowed its pace of bean buying by more than one-third
Dryness takes further toll on Brazil's robusta crop
Estimates for robusta coffee output in Brazil, the second-ranked grower of the variety, receive further downgrades
Yara, PotashCorp throw brickbats at each other's fertilizer sectors
Lower food prices are more of a threat to demand for potash than nitrogen, Yara says. But PotashCorp flags up a contrasting dynamic
Corn Belt farmland prices fall again, despite crop price firmness
The spring rally in corn and soy values was not echoed in land price gains, Ncreif data show, as Creighton sees falls continuing in July
Analysts warn of cotton market 'correction' as Chinese imports slump
A question mark hangs over the US governments heavy cotton export forecast, as Chinese state auctions continue
Yara offers hope for end to nitrogen downturn - sending shares up 9%
Yara flags a pick-up in European demand, including pre-buying for next season, encouraged by low prices which are squeezing out Chinese imports
Argentine corn sowings could rise 25%
Farmers will up corn acres, as the government mulls walking back a pledge to cut soybean tariffs, says analyst Dr Michael Cordonnier
Wilmar shares recover, a little, after worst fall since 2012
Brokers issue a series of downgrades on Wilmar shares, after the ag giant's "surprise" profits warning. Still, the stock closes well above lows
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