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PM markets: US ags drop - but grains manage some late bounce
A scramble for the dollar, after the UK votes to quit the EU, puts the screws on US ag prices. Coffee dips 3%. But corn and wheat end well above lows
The good, the mixed, the worrying - three Brexit effects on world ag
For landowners at least, there may be good news from the UK vote to leave the EU. The challenge is to avoid some of the worst potential outcomes
Brexit - what does it mean for agriculture and global markets?
Leading commentators, in countries from the US to South Africa, give their views on what the UK vote to leave the European Union means
Squeezed middle - the future of UK farming, post Brexit
Large, and small, farmers have forces on their side in the UK agricultural sector, post-EU. It is those in between who look worst placed
Brexit vote lifts London wheat and cocoa futures
Weakness in sterling sends London wheat and cocoa higher, but a stronger dollar depresses Chicago values. US hard wheat hits a 10-year low
Argentina upbeat on soy, corn and wheat prospects
Officials nudge higher estimates for wheat sowings, forecast a record corn crop, and lift soybean harvest hopes - which an exchange does too
Potash shares soar, as Belarus president moves to reform cartel
"We'll divide the markets between us," says Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko, courting Uralkali to rejoin the BPC potash cartel
Brexit poll could be win-win for London cocoa traders
The UK EU referendum is neck-and-neck, according to pollsters. But cocoa traders might be smiling whatever the outcome
Import 'concerns' fuel rebuild in South Africa white maize premium
"Concerns remain over global supplies" of food staple white maize, of which South Africa has imported only a fraction of volumes targeted
US officials cut Brazil corn hopes - and warn of further downgrades
Brazil's corn imports will soar fivefold to a 16-year top, to meet demand from livestock farmers "struggling to maintain operations", US staff say
Coffee market may have overreacted to Brazil frost scare - Rabobank
The bank nudges higher forecasts for arabica coffee prices, but not by much, although it does acknowledge the freeze risk is not over yet
Ekosem boost Russian milk sales, despite price slump
The agribusiness reports stable euro-denominated sales, in the face of falling milk prices and a weaker rouble
Glass half full... is an orange juice shortage on the cards?
US officials flag "significant" damage to Brazil's orange crop, which could send juice supplies to their lowest level in decades
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