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Corn, coffee, cotton, soy, sugar prices hit multi-month lows
... as ags, alongside other commodities, fall out of fashion over waning inflation ideas. Arabica's premium dwindles. Spring wheat bucks the trend
Ideas of harvest delays price Russian wheat out of Egyptian tender
Russian wheat misses out at a tender by Egypt's Gasc for only the second time in a year. Romania, Ukraine win orders. French is cheaper too
Tereos underlines industry scramble to exploit EU sugar shake-up
The world's third largest sugar producer sees a 25% surge in its beet volumes in its key French market, as the sector braces for quota removal
New Zealand milk output to pull out of decline, as prices recover
... to judge by a forecast from sector giant Fonterra. Still, milk output will remain below record levels, amid some farmer debt struggles
UK turns net wheat importer, as ethanol plant demand surges
UK wheat imports this season will exceed exports for only the fourth time in 25 years, officials say, flagging growing biofuels demand
Ribeye prices hit record, as quest for fat spreads to meat from dairy
Ribeye steak prices follow butter in soaring as "consumers vote for more flavour" - as long as it comes from fat rather than sugar
Could Zimbabwe return to being a net corn exporter?
The country, once famed for its agricultural production, has revealed plans to return to exports by 2020. But is this really likely?
Early spring, weaker harvest undermines Wynnstay recovery
The pets-to-grain trading group cautions over margin pressure, as it reports rising half-year revenues in agriculture, but declining profits
NWF overcomes feed sector headwinds to achieve trading growth
The storage-to-fuel group says that the performance of its feed division improved markedly in the second half of the financial year
JBS plans sale of Moy Park, amid $2bn asset sell-off
JBS, seeking to bolster its balance sheet after scandals at its holding company, unveils plans to sell the poultry producer, and a dairy asset
Abares slashes world sugar price hopes, citing raised output ideas
The official Australian crop bureau reverses to expect a rise in world sugar stocks in 2017-18, despite a cut to domestic output prospects
Wheat futures renew rally, amid fresh worries over EU, US dryness
Data show US spring wheat deteriorating further, defying expectations of revival. In Europe, a heatwave spurs worries of crop "scalding"
Abares adds sorghum to list of crops seeing production downgrade
... for 2017-18, with the bureau citing competition with cotton for land. Among wine crops, Abares makes a deep cut to canola export hopes
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