Yara shares fall, as it warns over Chinese boost to urea prices
The fertilizer giant unveils below-forecast results, as it fails to exploit reviving prices, and flags urea capacity increases outside China
Palm oil prices have scope for recovery - short-term
...says Anglo-Eastern Plantations, but sees them dipping in the second half of 2017, amid ideas of demand headwinds as well as reviving output
'Very strong' Chinese demand sends A2 shares to record high
The infant formula group ups its revenue forecast, citing "particularly strong" demand in China - a market causing headaches for some sivals
Record US soybean sowings lift DuPont profits
The seed giant reports rising sales, although a shift away from corn is delaying some returns, particularly after shift to direct farmer sales
Paris wheat prices gain, as EU warns on dryness danger
Worries over a developing rainfall deficit supported front-month Paris wheat futures, despite pressure from the rallying euro
Nestle undershoots revenue expectations, as chocolate sales fall
Poor confectionary demand in China and Brazil weigh on Nestle's sales, but coffee demand remains robust
Palm oil vulnerable to 'buying wave', says Sipef, as futures bounce
The plantations group foresees an end to palm oil and rubber price downturns - as futures in both recover from multi-month lows
Fertilizer demand to rise - with or without a crop price rally, Mosaic says
The potash and phosphate miner says depleted stocks and affordable prices will spur farmer application, whatever crop markets do
Barry Callebaut shares hit all-time high, as cocoa price dip helps profits
The chocolate giant unveils a bigger-than-expected earnings rise, fuelled by takeovers and a rise in cocoa grinding margins, at a 3-year high
MP Evans upbeat on palm sector, despite looming 'price pressure'
MP Evans, which saw off a bid from Kuala Lumpur Kepong last year, flags prospects for rising demand, as well as output, of palm oil
Argentina, cotton boost Monsanto's hopes for upbeat swansong
The seed giant, which Bayer is buying for $66bn, foresees full-year earnings at the top end of forecasts. Shares hit a near-two-year high
Louis Dreyfus sales slump on lower ag prices
The agricultural trading giant reports lower revenues, and warns that the ag market is likely to remain depressed this year
Lindsay reports booming irrigation equipment sales
Increased demand in the former Soviet Union and South America outweighs falling revenues from the US