AM markets: Chinese soybean futures hit contract low
... as harvest ramps up, and Chinese soyoil inventories hit a record high. Still, the impact for now is greater on the palm oil market. Cotton gains
PM markets: John Taylor makes poor impression on ag bulls
A stronger dollar, on ideas of a "hawk" heading the US Federal Reserve, provide one headwind to ag prices. US, Brazil weather outlooks hit home too
PM markets: ag commodity futures miss out on 'risk on' feel
Wall Street shares set fresh record highs, and commodities overall manage headway. But ags find gains tricky, as weather factors present headwinds
AM markets: wheat extends, relative, firmness vs soybeans
... despite what the latest global supply data might suggest. Corn futures underperform. But vegetable oils make a firmer start to the week
PM markets: soy closes back above $10. But wheat outperforms
Soybeans settle above $10 a bushel for the first time since July, with strong US export data adding to reasons to buy. But wheat posts a bigger gain
Weekly grain and oilseeds market view from Europe
EU wheat prices dip... weighed by Russian rivalry... UK wheat estimate doubts... Argentine biodiesel exports... EU corn imports...
AM markets: 3 grain market adages to mull in Wasde aftermath
How to respond to redrawn US crop balance sheets? History suggests ways of thinking. Still, there is always the next set of data to consider too...
PM markets: rain divides coffee beans. Soybean futures soar
Rain is a factor in both arabica and robusta coffee markets - but a positive only for one of them. Soybean futures jump, and oats rocket, on US data
AM markets: grain futures revive from lows, as key data loom
With grain prices already near contract lows, the default trend is upwards - ahead of the USDA's Wasde report. Wheat gets extra help from Australia
PM markets: corn futures dip amid ideas of US yield upgrade
Corn futures near contract lows, amid expectations of an upgrade to the official US yield estimate. Cotton fares better. In wheat, hard outperforms
AM markets: grain prices dip, despite rain hit to US harvest
The US corn harvest is amongst the slowest on record thanks to Midwest rains. Still, the precipitation appears only to be boosting crop condition...
PM markets: 'risk-on rally' touches softs, but eludes grains
The likes of sugar and cocoa join shares in rising, on a day when world economic growth hopes get an upgrade. But corn, soybeans, wheat miss out
AM markets: wheat dips as rains ease Russia dryness worries
Still, signs of end-user demand keep wheat futures from falling too far. In oilseed markets, Chinese soybean crush margins get a squeeze