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From Guitar Hero to agrobotics - technology is writing farming's future
Farming's quest to lift output is drawing on breakthroughs in areas from satellites to computer games, says Calum Murray of Innovate UK
Chocolate needs promotion drive, if cocoa prices are to recover
... says Marex Spectron, forecasting that, with a record cocoa output surplus ahead, bean prices are on course to retest nine-year lows
Grain market blow-up 'just a matter of time', says UN expert
Abdolreza Abbassian, UN FAO senior economist, says food supply threats have not gone away - but nor has political co-operation in ags
Ag sector 'should start thinking now' about Brexit fallout
Just because the UK has two years until its EU exit does not mean that ag leaders should sit on their hands, says lawyer Michael Aubrey
Trump top concern for agribusiness investors, Agrimoney survey shows
The new US president, rated the "elephant in every room" by one investor, beats the likes of Brexit and weather as the sector's biggest issue
Rare fund anomaly makes feeder cattle futures a 'potential buy'
... at least according to Societe Generale, which unveils a fresh way of analysing fund position data, introducing the "mismatch"
US sowings prospects - leading commentators give their views
Observers from academia, brokers and industry give their views on where US plantings of major crops will end up this year
Will US soybean sowings really gain so much over corn?
Agrimoney.com previews a much-anticipated US agriculture conference this week which will go a long way to setting the grain market tone
Embracing cutting-edge ag technologies 'a necessity, not a luxury'
... says David Jones, Plant Impact chairman, flagging the array products offered by ag boutiques. But what will ensure farmers get the message?
Russian farmland 'retains allure', despite Black Earth Farming exit
Western investors may have gone cold on Russia's farmland market, but there are plenty of other buyers, driving prices higher, says SovEcon
US ag secretary Sonny Perdue may be 'moderating influence' on Donald Trump
Sonny Perdue may help moderate Trump administration reforms in the likes of immigration and trade, a free-to-download Agrimoney report says
US farmers shouldn't panic - yet - about threat of Trump trade wars
Sure, it would be bad news for US farming for Mr Trump to pick battles with China and Mexico. But damage may only become really apparent long-term
Cloud brings CTRM costs to ground level for agribusinesses
Commodity trading and risk management systems need not be the complex and expensive options that many believe, providers EY and Tradesparent say