World coffee stocks to shrink to six-year low in 2017-18
... says the USDA, noting that while demand will hit a record high, coffee output will stay flat. But the make-up of the stocks is unusual too
Central America's coffee revival hides stark divergence in fortunes
Sure, the region's overall output is seen recovering further. But that is largely down to Honduras. Guatemalan output is to hit a 24-year low
Central American coffee loses premium, despite fresh disease fears
So-called "other mild" beans return to a discount against Colombian arabica coffee - despite rust returning to put the Honduran crop "at risk"
Commodities a top contrarian bet, says BofA Merrill Lynch
... after fund managers turn "underweight" on the sector at the fastest pace in seven years, amid waning hopes for economic growth
Hedge funds turn net short on softs for first time in two years
... provoking ideas, notably among sugar investors, of an easing in pressure on prices. Bullish betting on livestock hits a three-year high
Coffee output in Africa's big two growers to crawl to all-time high
... US officials say, although they signal doubts over the impact of Ethiopian reforms for now. Uganda's crop will surpass a 20-year-old record
Hedge funds near-record short on ags - spurring hopes for 'powerful rally'
Hedge funds lift bearish bets on ags to the second largest on data going back to 2006 - despite weather fears. Could this herald a price surge?
SocGen 'positive' on corn price outlook, sees scope for soy gains
... and sees wheat prices "bottoming out" too. But the bank is wary on prospects for a sugar price revival, and on the arabica-robusta spread
Mexican coffee output to rebound near to levels ahead of rust outbreak
... allowing a boost to exports too - with coffee one of the few ag commodities that Mexico exports to the US, rather than vice versa
'Important' hedge fund data lift hopes for slowdown in soy selling
Indeed, funds are already eroding bearish bets on cocoa. But in sugar, they have created scope for further sales. Are they too bullish on hogs?
Grain markets, ag shares 'close to bottom of cycle' - BlackRock
BlackRock's Skye Macpherson sees better times ahead for crop prices and farm sector shares, prices of which are "very, very attractive"
Changing global dynamics to have 'big impact' on farming
... Agrimoney LIVE hears. The likes of the election of Donald Trump as US president, and vote by the UK to quit the EU, are only the start...
Agriculture needs 'transformational change', World Bank guru says
The world needs to produce more food with less land - and against challenges of climate change and regulatory pressure too, Marc Sadler warns