Cotton & wool
Will China prevent a cotton price rout?
Hedge funds' large net long position in cotton looks ominous for price prospects. But market support may come from an unexpected source
World cotton stocks hopes face 'large cut', after crop downgrades
A lower forecast for Australia's crop, combined with hefty hurricane losses in the US, will curtail a build in inventories, says Commerzbank
Hedge funds end ag selling spree - despite US corn, soy, cotton upgrades
Hedge funds cut short bets on ags, despite increased hopes for US corn, cotton and soybean supplies. Have ag prices passed their nadir?
SocGen bearish on crops, slashing price forecasts - but not for coffee
Societe Generale downgrades price forecasts for a swathe of crops, and especially corn and sugar, to below levels investors are pricing in
Cotton's price rout halts, amid scepticism over huge US upgrade
Cotton futures, having tumbled limit-down in the last session, hold steady this time, amid talk of 1.4m bales of US hurricane damage
Sell-off in ags has gone far enough, according to broker forecasts
Commentators, while cutting price forecasts for many ags, leave estimates ahead of the futures curve across grains and soft commodities
Cotton futures lock limit down, after US hikes harvest hopes
The US cotton yield is seen at a record high, lifting output to a 12-year top, fuelling a world inventory build. India's crop is upgraded too
Hangover from 2016 rains boosts Australia cotton hopes into 2018
High reservoir levels raise hopes of a bumper cotton Australian harvest in 2017-18, despite drought. Sorghum output is seen soaring 80% too
Hedge funds turn more bearish on grains than on soft commodities
Speculators raise bullish bets on hurricane-beset US cotton, while lifting short positions on corn. Are they overconfident on grain yields?
US flags crop damage from Hurricane Harvey - as Hurricane Irma looms
Officials reveal the epicentre of damage to standing cotton, soybean crops from Hurricane Harvey - as Irma and 150mph winds head for Florida
Hedge funds extend sell down ags again, led by stampede from hogs
In hogs, speculators turn negative on price prospects at the fastest in 4 years. But have they overcooked shorts on cocoa, coffee, wheat?
Cotlook lifts US cotton harvest estimate 'despite hurricane damage'
Cotlook, in a monthly update, raises its forecast for US cotton crop, and for the world output surplus. But the 2016-17 deficit estimate grows too
Sugar futures tumble, despite jitters over hedge funds' record bearish bet
Sugar futures fall, defying worries over hefty sales already made by hedge funds - which ramped up shorts in grains, livestock too