Could Zimbabwe return to being a net corn exporter?
The country, once famed for its agricultural production, has revealed plans to return to exports by 2020. But is this really likely?
Abares adds sorghum to list of crops seeing production downgrade
... for 2017-18, with the bureau citing competition with cotton for land. Among wine crops, Abares makes a deep cut to canola export hopes
CropEnergies shares jump, as Ensus ethanol plant 'comes right'
The ethanol group lifts its profits hopes, after its reopened UK ethanol plant begins to realise, at last, some of the hopes for it
Hedge funds, wrong-footed by grains rally, 'swallow losses'
Hedge funds' surprising spring bearish spree on grain price falls appears to have led to losses. Still, many look in the money on sugar
World barley prices 'to soften' - but oats could 'rally' yet
So say Canada's farm ministry, seeing harvest pressure about to tell on barley, while demand factors give a boost to oat values
Rains boost hopes for German crops - wheat especially
Deutscher Raiffeisenverband flags the boost to crops from recent rains, although wheat has benefited more than the likes of barley and rapeseed
Ag price forecasters upbeat over soy, sugar - but not wheat
... according to a survey by FocusEconomics, which also flags an upgrade to hopes for corn futures. But forecasters lose optimism over cocoa
France to see rise in rapeseed output this year, after all
French officials forecast a rise in rapeseed output, rather than the fall expected by other commentators. Winter barley harvest will rise too
Australia lifts wheat hopes - but clamour for chickpeas curbs canola
Abares cuts hopes for Australian output of barley and canola, flagging soaring sowings of chickpeas, even at the expense of best ag practice
Commodities a top contrarian bet, says BofA Merrill Lynch
... after fund managers turn "underweight" on the sector at the fastest pace in seven years, amid waning hopes for economic growth
Hedge funds turn net short on softs for first time in two years
... provoking ideas, notably among sugar investors, of an easing in pressure on prices. Bullish betting on livestock hits a three-year high
USDA says Mexico key to US corn exports, as Nafta talks loom
The USDA underlines importance in corn of exports of nations with which the US has free trade deals, following an industry mission to Mexico
Weather fears bolster grain markets against upgraded supply hopes
US officials, in the Wasde report, unveil a swathe of bigger-than-expected estimates for grain, soy supplies. But selling is curtailed