Speedy US corn, soy farmers face return of rain delays
Rains are to return to the Midwest, where growers have sown more crops than had been thought. But spring wheat areas face a, welcome, dry spell
Hedge funds extend ag selling spree to second-longest on record
... raising some ideas that grain prices are vulnerable to a rebound. One commentator likens the wheat market to a geyser poised to blow
South African corn prices tumble on improved weather outlook
Conditions are improving for late-planted South African corn, while Zambia prepares to return to the export market
Ukraine's corn exports could hit record in 2017-18 - UkrAgroConsult
The analysis group lifts its hopes for Ukraine's corn output and exports, at a time of changing dynamics in world trade in the grain
Banks and hedge funds aligned on poor wheat price prospects
... but they diverge on the outlook for cocoa and soybean futures, on which banks are more optimistic. Hedge funds are more upbeat on cotton
Heavy rains hurt 'more than 1m hectares' of Argentine land
.. says the Buenos Aires grains exchange, noting floods and overflowing rivers. Still, yield hopes are high for surviving corn, soy crops
Brazilian corn sowings, production to fall back next season
After a record harvest re-balances the market, farmers will look to more profitable crops, US officials said
Soybean futures slump after US upgrades ideas of world stocks
This month's wasde was seen as bearish across the board, with big upgrades to soybean, corn, and wheat crops
Hopes for Brazil's record soy and safrinha corn crops raised again
The Brazilian crop supply agency unveils another upgrade to row crop expectations, citing good weather conditions
Rain, hail, tornadoes, mudslides slow US corn, wheat sowings
Weather setbacks keep early US sowings progress behind market expectations - and more rain is forecast. But the moisture is helping winter wheat
Wheat wins over corn for Chinese farmers after subsidy reform
The huge shakeup of China's agricultural system is diving wheat sowings to recent-highs, while corn stockpiles finally start to ease
Hedge funds turn net bearish on ags - spurring hopes for price spikes
Hedge funds open up a net short in ags for the first time in a year. But with weather a perennial threat to sowings, could they be wrong-footed?
Saudi Arabia 'to become major player' in world corn market
... say US officials, who also flag the potential for further growth in wheat imports from Saudi plans to attract 30m religious tourists