Wheat & cereals
UK to be 'net wheat importer, again', after disappointing yields
... says grain merchant Gleadell, flagging domestic demand needs, and strength in sterling too. But will feed mills turn to corn instead?
New Brexit report from Agrimoney
Agrimoney unveils a free-to-download report aimed at helping businesses prepare for changes likely to occur as a result of Brexit
Coceral upgrades 2017 EU rapeseed harvest, as hope rise for 2018
Coceral lifts the bar on estimates for the newly-finished EU rapeseed crop, as focus turns to prospects for the next one
Egypt pays up for wheat, amid talk of tenders 'turning into a circus'
Egypt's Gasc sees a marked wheat price increase at its latest tender, as merchants worry over cargos falling foul of import strictures
Drought-hit Australia cuts hopes for wheat, canola, coarse grains
Abares cuts its forecast for Australia's much-watched wheat exports by 2.7m tonnes, with coarse grains shipments to hit a 7-year low
Hedge funds end ag selling spree - despite US corn, soy, cotton upgrades
Hedge funds cut short bets on ags, despite increased hopes for US corn, cotton and soybean supplies. Have ag prices passed their nadir?
UK wheat 'sets protein record' - but farmers fret over weak premium
Early analysis shows the wheat harvest breaking the British protein record by a distance. But it falls short on other specs - and on price
EU wheat exports to fall, despite stronger harvest - Strategie Grains
The group cuts hopes for EU 2017-18 soft wheat exports to below last season's level, citing Germany's poor harvest and Russian rivalry
SocGen bearish on crops, slashing price forecasts - but not for coffee
Societe Generale downgrades price forecasts for a swathe of crops, and especially corn and sugar, to below levels investors are pricing in
French wheat exports to revive sharply - despite strong competition
France's soft wheat exports outside the EU will double this season, FranceAgriMer says, stressing the high quality of this year's harvest
Sell-off in ags has gone far enough, according to broker forecasts
Commentators, while cutting price forecasts for many ags, leave estimates ahead of the futures curve across grains and soft commodities
Corn leads grain markets lower, after surprise US yield upgrades
Corn futures plunge near to contract lows, with soybeans tumbling too. But wheat prices are caught only temporarily in the downdraft
French sugar beet crop biggest in at least 25 years, wheat upgraded
Official data underline the prospect of surging EU sugar output - but jar with Tereos forecasts. French wheat, rapeseed crops get ugprades too