Brazilian sugar exports to rise to record levels
Brazilian sugar production and exports will get even bigger this season, thanks to increase cane utilisation, US officials say
Hedge funds extend ag selling spree to second-longest on record
... raising some ideas that grain prices are vulnerable to a rebound. One commentator likens the wheat market to a geyser poised to blow
Chinese sugar imports to drop amid smuggling clampdown
A drive to increase domestic production, and slow imports will hit Chinese sugar buying, even as consumption rises, US officials say
India to remain a sugar importer next season
A sharp increase in production will not stop India from needing sugar imports to balance its market next season, US officials say
Banks and hedge funds aligned on poor wheat price prospects
... but they diverge on the outlook for cocoa and soybean futures, on which banks are more optimistic. Hedge funds are more upbeat on cotton
Brazil's sugar production to ease slightly, as cane area falls
Conab forecasts sugar production to fall on lower Sao Paolo harvesting, despite mills favouring sugar over ethanol this year
Cyclone damage dashes hopes of rising Aussie sugar production
Flooded and damaged cane will hit sugar production and exports, despite rising area, US officials said
ABN cuts sugar price forecast, even as futures rally
The bank cuts its forecast for sugar prices to levels well below those being priced in by investors. Hopes for soy futures are downgraded too
Brazilian sugar mills gear up for a big season
Mills are opening rapidly in the country's Centre South cane belt, and still seem to be favouring sugar over ethanol compared to last year
Ukraine sugar exports to hit 20-year high in drive for foreign currency
Sugar beet sowings, and beet sugar exports, are rising as Ukrainian producers up their game, US officials say
Hedge funds turn net bearish on ags - spurring hopes for price spikes
Hedge funds open up a net short in ags for the first time in a year. But with weather a perennial threat to sowings, could they be wrong-footed?
UN forecasts 'relative tranquility' in grain markets in 2017-18
The UN FAO, reporting a drop in food prices, foresees grain supplies remaining "ample" next season, despite cutting its wheat output hopes
Raw sugar prices surge as India allows duty-free imports
The much-anticipated news that India will allow some zero-tariff imports to support local prices send prices up as much as 5%