Analysts wrong-footed by corn price dip - but not by falls in soy, wheat
Brokers had banked on retreats in soy and wheat prices, but not in corn, FocusEconomics data show. In softs, analysts are upbeat on prices
Hedge fund shorts leave softs 'collectively vulnerable' to a rally
... says Judith Ganes-Chase, while noting that large stocks in importing nations curb prospects for a coffee rally. Cotton is her top pick
Hedge funds 'aggressive' buyers in grains - and 'more to come'
... in corn and soy, some say, in which funds remain net short as US weather fears are growing. Funds are now more short in softs than grains
UK sugar beet sowings soar - as double shake-up looms
Associated British Foods reveals a one-third surge in beet area contracted in the UK - where Brexit as well as EU-wide quota removal are in play
Grain prices rise at quickest in 3 years - despite 'abundant' supplies
The UN, while cuttings hopes for the world wheat harvest, says supplies are "ample" nonetheless. Still, grain prices rise, as do dairy values
Sugar price slump underplays weather risks, says Rabobank
While there is potential for sugar prices to go lower still, the market appears devoid of premium for weather risk, the bank says
Hedge funds wrong-footed, again, by downbeat grain bets
Hedge funds ramped up bearish bets on corn and soy ahead of gains in futures - which will likely foster short-covering, and further price rises
Commerz upbeat on prices of cocoa and - for now - arabica coffee too
The bank cuts forecast for prices of cocoa and arabica, but to levels above the futures curve. The outlook on sugar futures is more neutral
Green Pool flags double trouble for sugar demand hopes
Health fears, and a switch to rival sweeteners, have cut sugar demand prospects, the group says. Still futures soar 6% as funds book profits
Ensus, Vivergo to lead rebound in EU ethanol output this year
Still, it is corn, rather than wheat, which will see a rise in demand from EU ethanol plants. Use of sugar beet will rebound too
Indian demand fears fuelling sugar price rout are 'not very probable'
... says Sao Martinho, expanding on its reasoning for forecasting a sugar price rebound from levels well below production costs
Sao Martinho sees recovery in sugar prices from 19-month lows
The Brazilian cane processor is "very optimistic" on longer term fundamentals for sugar, and sees cause for price rises shorter-term too
Hedge funds hike bearish bets on softs to record high - 'heralding price gains'
Speculators lift bearish betting on cocoa, coffee, cotton and sugar to an all-time high, while cutting short positions in wheat - at a loss